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Board Notes - Resources and Education

Section dedicated to Q&A

Additional Pay or a Stipend — ANSWER
Age, residency, and citizenship requirements to be a candidate for library trustee — ANSWER
Alternate Trustees (Legal Q&A Natch Greyes) — ANSWER
Alternate Trustee Appointments by BOS — ANSWER
Area Library Forum (ALF) Dormant RSA — ANSWER
At Will Library Employees — ANSWER
Board vs individual trustee re: access to Personnel files — ASK MARGARET
Bonding Trustees: who is responsible and who pays — ANSWER
Contracts for Staff — ANSWER 
Difficult trustee board member: ASK MARGARET
Employment Agreement Basic Information — SAMPLE
Employment Agreement Generic — SAMPLE
Employment Contract Basics — SAMPLE
Employment Contract Barrington PL — SAMPLE
Employment Law Hotline Referral: Drummond Woodsum 603-623-2500 (NHMA Member Benefit)
Fireworks donated for Fundraiser — ANSWER
Funds for Fundraising — ANSWER
Library Director is library employee — Littleton vs Taylor CASE LAW
Library records: who retains? Library or Town clerk — ANSWER
Library records storage — ASK MARGARET
Library standards RSA 201-D:10 — DORMANT per Michael York, State Library 
Meeting Notice posting — ANSWER
Meeting Quorum — ANSWER
NHLTA History Chronology: The Early Years by Mark Branoff — ARTICLE 
Patron Complaint about the Director — ANSWER
Policies Signed by Board? — ANSWER
Probationary period in employment contract — ANSWER
Probationary termination of employment — NHMA Legal Services Opinion/Stephen Buckley
Public vs Non-Public session — ASK MARGARET
Revising Terms of a trust (CY Pres) — ANSWER 
RTK and Confidentiality: ASK MARGARET
RTK and using email — ANSWER
RTK Changes in Minutes — EFFECTIVE 1-2019
Salaried/Hourly: exemption from minimum wage and overtime pay Fact Sheet #17A US Gov: Dept of Labor
Search Committee — ANSWER
Signing Checks & Manifest — ANSWER
Trustee Board: Process to change number — ANSWER
Volunteers, legal opinion — ISRAEL PIEDRA Atty
Volunteers and libraries — ASK MARGARET
Volunteers: questions and best practice (NH State Library) — ANSWER
Who's in Charge of Library Construction Project: ASK MARGARET
Who's in Charge of Library Construction Project: MEREDITH PUBLIC LIBRARY legal opinion 


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