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A Collection of Historical Documents


Annual Awards Invitation-Criteria (updated 2023)
Annual Awards History of Winners (updated 2023)
Annual Award History of the Lillian Edelmann Trustee of the Year award
Annual Award History of the Dorothy M. Little award
Annual Award Winners of the Dorothy M Little award
Annual Award History of the Sue Palamatier Friends of the Library Group award
Code of Ethics Signature Form (4-18-2017)
Conflict of Interest Signature Form (3-8-2017)
Conference Keynote/Workshop History 2010-2023 (updated August 2023)
Lillian Edelmann Memorial Fund Scholarship (inc. list of COOS County Libraries)
Littleton vs Taylor 1994 court decision: Librarian is NOT a Town Employee
Littleton vs Taylor 1994 court decision (highlighted)
McKay Scholarship MOU (9-1965)
McKay Scholarship Criteria (revised-approved 6-2021)
McKay Scholarship Fill & Sign Application (6-2021)
McKay Scholarship Mail-in Application (6-2021)
Mission Statement History
Mission & History (revised-approved 2-7-2018)
NHLTA Articles of Agreement (8-7-1980)
NHLTA Board of Directors 2021-22 (revised 9-1-2021)
NHLTA Board Expense Voucher (revised 5-2019)
NHLTA Director Evaluation
NHLTA Logo History
NHLTA 2020 Retreat Action Chart (revised 11-6-2019)
NHMA Administrative Services Contract 2022
Policy Manual v5 includes appendix documents (Approved 2-2-2022)
Procedures Manual v4 (Approved 4-24-2020)
Policy & Procedures Manuals Appendix
Slide Template for workshops & webinars 4-1-2019
Volunteer Interest Sheet (revised 3-2022)
Volunteer Summary Job Description & Committees (revised 3-2022)
Video collection housed at the Manchester City Library


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